Macro Photography | Iowa Wedding & Engagement Photographer

If you know me, then you know I am obsessive about the things that I am truly passionate about.  I spend hours upon hours researching, reading, testing, practicing perfecting my craft.  Macro photography is one piece of my art that takes a lot of fine tuning, manual composition and manual focusing.  You can’t just set your camera up on auto, get really close and click the shutter.  Nope. Doesn’t work.  This shot took 30 min to perfect. I wanted great direction light, I wanted the sparkle to really SPARKLE and I needed to make sure that the center stone was completely in focus! Now if you a  photographer you might thing… yea I just need to get my f-stop really wide that will create the bokeh that I am looking for. WRONG. This was composed at an F22 on my Nikkor 105 MM 2.8. If you know anything about compression photography you will automatically get that great bokeh, sparkle or blurriness in the background…and I have to say that I am pretty impressed the way this turned out!   I spend countless hours on the weekends photographing anything I can get my hands on and I think that I am defiantly going in the right direction with the way I want my ring/details/jewelry  to look like for all my future brides!:)If any of you photographers out there want to get together and shoot some sparkly things, email me! <3


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